HOW CAN WE HELP? That's the question we asked ourselves. Sometimes the simple solutions are the best ones. SteriGrips are natural rubber. They are reusable, comfortable, and you can use them at the store, the gym or commuting to work. And they are affordable. Gloves don't work, they protect your hands, but if you touch anything else, those germs just keep spreading. Our grips solve that problem. The inside touches all the germs, but the outside, the part you touch, only touches you.

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Shopping Grips

Don't touch what everyone else touches at the grocery store!

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Fitness Grips

Getting healthy means staying healthy. Get a grip on clean!

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Commuter Grips

Hold on tight without ever touching a thing !

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Shopping Grips

A simple and effective cleaning system

CDC approved Covid 19 disinfectant

Our specialized cleaning system takes just a few minutes to disinfect your sterigrips, so you and your clients can get back to work

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I keep my Sterigrips in my purse. I love having them available, especially in these times where we worry over how easily germs pass. You can’t always control how well a store cleans their carts but you can always take the Sterigrips with you to help protect yourself.

Iona M

Sterigrips were the perfect added touch of safety when we reopened our doors. Our clients were impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of the product. Easy to use, added protection, and easy to maintain. Clients old and new look at them and often say how great they are! 

Lauren Sondel

Our members are absolutely loving the Sterigrips and the fact that I cared enough to add this extra layer of protection for them.  I had several members that made it a point to thank me personally. 

Gym Owner

Before I started using sterigrips I was always worried about germs, especially the corona virus.  But now I use strigrips on grocery store carts, exercise equipment, and on door handles.  I just wrap these easy to use grips on the handle and I’m good to Thanks Sterigrips!

 Yongson G

I have used my STERIGRIPS for all my shopping trips. It comes with a sturdy storage bag which I clip onto my purse for easy access.  I can quickly attach them to the shopping cart. Having my own designated personal area to touch has enable me to feel safer. The grips stay in place but can easily be removed to be use on the handles to open doors for refrigerated items. I highly recommend this product. They are easy to use and has given me added sense of security. 
sense of security and safety

Mamie W

Sterigrips are a must have for grocery shopping trips! From the tote they come in which clips easily to my grocery bags to the perfect fit on the carriage; I feel better, safer and healthier shopping for our family.

Lisa B

I take my sterigrips everywhere with me in my purse. They come in a very portable nylon bag. I include a face mask and hand sanitizer in the bag with them. Sterigrips stay in place when I’m using them —whether it’s for exercise equipment, park playground equipment or on the handles of my shopping cart. They do not leave an irritating rubber smell on my hands and are easily washed in the dishwasher! They are by far the best grips on the market!!

Linda K